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So apparently we need some rules listed somewhere. Below is a list. In this document we'll also go over some rationale behind these rules (if you just want the rules, skip down).


We want our clan to be a fun place to play, learn and grow. The clan goal is to be casual, but with non-stop war available it can be as intense as you want it to be. Donations should not make people cringe. Not attacking in war is never okay (with very little exception, anyways, see rules below). We are aware that some members have family/friends that are also in the clan: obviously you will be able to donate amongst yourselves as much as you like, just be sure leadership knows of these arrangements, and that you are still donating to other members as well.

Folks that have just joined (have the "New" moniker next to their name) are on a very short leash when it comes to these rules: if you seriously violate any of them you will likely be kicked immediately. Members (those with no label next to their name, but having been with the clan long enough to have lost the "New" moniker) will be given additional latitude. Elders will be given a little bit more, with leadership actually being something that is more strict (not less). Leaders should be setting the example, not making exceptions for themselves.

Just to be absolutely clear on the leadership attitude regarding breaking any of these rules: No member of this clan is an island, we all depend on our clanmates, but none of you are so important or special to the clan that we can't replace you with someone willing to follow these rules. However, if you can play by these rules you can be a part of something special and reap the rewards of a clan that wants to advance through the clan perk system as well as be a formidable opponent for clans we war with.


  1. Donation
    1. Donate what is requested (if someone requests balloons, do not donate something other than balloons unless there is not enough space left to donate another troop they've requested, in which case you can fill/top them off with anything not excluded below).
    2. We don't have a donation ratio/minimum, but will deal with excessive requesting (if all you do is request and never donate, that's bad).
    3. Never donate unless explicitly requested (even if someone says "anything"), unless you're topping off a request: goblins, wallbreakers, healers.
    4. If you request something specific be prepared to wait (especially if you request something with a long train time like a PEKKA, dragon or lava hound). Use clan chat to ask in advance for troops that need long periods to train.
  2. War
    1. Use both attacks in war. If you can't (or don't want to) be in a war, opt out before the war search starts (which can be any time after the current war ends). You can opt out of war on battle day and you will be opted out of the next war.
      1. If you are opted out and you are included in the war by a leader anyways, you should use at least one attack if possible. Leadership will attempt to honor opt-out requests, only including opted-out players if 1-2 are needed to bring us to the next higher match count. We try to rarely do this, instead excluding opted-in players.
    2. Our overall goal in war is to win. Do not go for resource attacks unless you are told to by leadership. You should always try to maximize the number of stars earned for the clan.
    3. 1st attack: Must occur during the first 12 hours of the war. Attack your equal number or lower in your first attack (any village that has not already been 3 starred). Go for 3 stars with that attack.
    4. 2nd attack: If you got 3 stars in your first attack, you may attack higher (work with clan leadership to determine how high; we want to maximize stars but also reward you if possible for a job well done). If you only get 2 stars you should attack +/- 1 from your current number working on getting 3 stars. If you only got 1 star, you should attack lower, probably 2-3 lower than your number at a minimum. If you get zero stars speak with a leader about what cleanup you can help with. This attack should occur no later than 12 hours after your 1st attack, unless directed by leadership.
    5. Follow directions of leadership during war (those directions supersede the rules listed here).
    6. Use your best troops for your attacks (unless you're attacking someone significantly lower than yourself, but still be careful and go for 3 stars).
    7. Always request troops from the clan for your attack, be specific in your requests as well and tailor the request to your attack (using gowiwi, request a golem or a witch; using mass dragons, request a dragon; using lavaloonion, request balloons or a lava hound, etc). Exception: If you're attacking significantly lower than your rank in the war list and can easily three-star your target without help.
    8. Never donate low level troops to war clan castles. Unless someone explicitly requests otherwise, the only things going into war clan castles should be wizards (lv5+), witches (any lvl) or dragons (lvl2+); with high level archers or minions as filler (never barbarians). Once we unlock the perk for troop donation upgrades this will make it easier for lower level players to contribute troops.
      1. This rule is relaxed during the last hours of preparation day: ideally war clan castles should be filled in the first 12 hours of prep day, but if you see war clan castles with space during the last few hours of prep day and you have low level wizards or archers, you may donate those to help the clan out.
    9. Your town hall should be at or near the center of your war village layout. It should never be openly exposed on all sides. Unless you're using an anti-three star layout where the war calls for that.
  3. Promotions
    1. Do not request promotions. Promotions are earned through: trust, performance in war, recruiting, and donations. That said, there's no harm in mentioning to a leader that your goal is to move up in the clan. Just don't do it repeatedly.
  4. General
    1. Loyalty is required. You may not:
      1. Leave the clan without permission from a leader;
      2. Ask in another forum (global, in a forum, or elsewhere) to be recruited into another clan without permission from a leader; or
      3. Undermine the efforts of the clan in a deliberate manner.
    2. We aren't your mother, and you aren't anyone elses mother: there is no language requirement and you should expect to see foul language occasionally. On the other hand, swearing for the sake of swearing or otherwise being annoying may get you talked to.